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About registering and using Tennispanel

I have registered but I have not received an Email confirmation of my account

Check if Email has ended up in your Spam folder. If this did not happen then you may have made a mistake typing your Email. Try registering again. If you have registered your Email correctly the system will not allow you to register as the Email will have already been registered. In this case, contact Tennispanel on the Contact page and report your issue

I am trying to register but my system tells me that my Email is already in use

This means that your Email account was once used to sign up for Tennispanel. If you are the official administrator of this Email account then send a message via this Email to stating that your Email is already used by Tennispanel and you wish to subscribe with this Email. You can also use the Forgot Password option to restore the password

Should my registration details be in latin characters.

All characters are allowed but it is recommended to use characters that will help in the easy search of your name in the application and in this case it is good to have your details in your native language

About the management of the club you have registered or you are planning to register

I want to register my club but someone else has already registered it

Make sure you know the administrator of that account. If you know him and you are the legal owner/administrator of the club then ask the specific manager to appoint you as the master administrator of the specific club. If this is not possible then you can register the club regardless of the other entry. If, however, it is believed that this will cause confusion with dual registration then contact the Tennispanel contact page and report the issue. In this case you will be asked through official documents to certify that you are the legal representative of the specific club and the other administrator will be instructed to either remove or rename his own club.

How can I change the court settings?

After logging in with your details, click on your name at the top right of the screen, then tap Courts. Then in the tabs you will see at the top of the page select settings.

How can I appoint a new administrator for my club?

After logging in with your details, click on your name at the top right of the screen, then tap Profile. Then in the tabs you will see at the top of the page select Administrators. Enter the username you want to set as an administrator. The user you want to become an administrator must have a Tennispanel account.

Up to how many sdministrators can I set?

There is no limit to the number of additional sdministrators you can add to manage your club

About subscriptions and costs

What is the minimum and maximum subscription period for a club?

You can make either a monthly or an annual subscription. The amount of each subscription is prepaid before use.

I can make a monthly or annual subscription and cancel it if I wish

Subscriptions can not be discontinued and refunded for the remaining time. In exceptional cases where Tennispanel decides (eg Lockdown due to Covid19 etc.), it is possible to extend the subscription for as long as Tennispanel deems necessary to be reimbursed. In any case, if an administrator requests such an extension, he must prove with valid official documents the reason he invokes.

How much does a club membership cost?

The subscription cost for a club is determined by the number of courts it has and the subscription period. For monthly subscription the cost is 5€ per month per court. For annual subscription the cost is 3€ per month per court or 36€ per year per court. (VAT not included in prices)

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